How To Finish 10X More Tracks

Just read a great article on MyLoops website with 14 tips on how to complete more of your productions. Personally I think tip #12 is a great tip and although it may seem an obvious one, how many of us still have our mobile phone on the desk when working on a track?

It’s time for me to switch off my phone and get some more tracks completed.

Here is a list of the 14 tips.

1) Change your mindset
2) Set a 10X goal and break it down
3) Get Energized
4) Finish EVERY track you start
5) Set a deadline
6) Refine your process (and follow it step-by-step)
7) Mixdown goes in a separate project
8) Use references
9) Limit your tools
10) Don’t reinvent the wheel
11) Use the Pomodoro technique
12) Remove interruptions
13) Save building blocks to re-use them later
14)Find alternative sources of inspiration

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