Well, here we are in 2020. Welcome to a new decade. I have decided to create this document to put in dates of interesting things/events etc. Almost like an online diary. I will be updating this on a regular basis, so please keep checking back.

January 1st – The first broadcast of Resonate – Episode 008 on Afterhours.FM

January 2nd – Resonate – Episode 008 available on all streaming sites (Click here for links)

January 7th – First gig announced in Edinburgh at the Mash House. This is the re-scheduled ‘Compression/Floor Friction Night’.

January 12th – Got a animated 3d graphic video of my logo to use on all social media channels. January 13th – Invited back to play a live set on Radio Saltire’s – Floor Friction show in Edinburgh

January 14th – Invited to play an exclusive two-hour set on the new ‘Uplift Day’ on Afterhours.fm (date TBC but near end of this month)

January 20th – Artwork for Uplift Day released.

January 29th – Uplift Day – Two hour mix broadcasting on Afterhours.FM

January 30th – Wedding Anniversary

Uplift Day Flyer

The official ‘Uplift Day’ flyer has now been released with full running order and timings for this two day extravaganza.

Make sure you are tuned in to Afterhours.FM on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th January for two days of simply the best uplifting trance.

Uplift Day – Offcial Flyer

How To Finish 10X More Tracks

Just read a great article on MyLoops website with 14 tips on how to complete more of your productions. Personally I think tip #12 is a great tip and although it may seem an obvious one, how many of us still have our mobile phone on the desk when working on a track?

It’s time for me to switch off my phone and get some more tracks completed.

Here is a list of the 14 tips.

1) Change your mindset
2) Set a 10X goal and break it down
3) Get Energized
4) Finish EVERY track you start
5) Set a deadline
6) Refine your process (and follow it step-by-step)
7) Mixdown goes in a separate project
8) Use references
9) Limit your tools
10) Don’t reinvent the wheel
11) Use the Pomodoro technique
12) Remove interruptions
13) Save building blocks to re-use them later
14)Find alternative sources of inspiration

Uplift Day

To start this year off, I am excited to let you all know that I have just been asked to do a special TWO-HOUR exclusive uplifting trance mix for Afterhours.FM

This event is part of a special ‘Uplift Day’ on Afterhours FM as requested through an online poll. Full details will be available soon on the Afterhours FM facebook page.

Exclusive ‘uplift day’ coming soon to Afterhours.FM

Resonate the new year

Happy New year to you all and thanks again for your continued support. I really appreciate all your messages, retweets, likes etc on social media.

The latest episode of Resonate – 008 is now available for streaming on Spotify and iTunes podcast.

If you enjoy my mixes, please ‘follow’ on Spotify and feel free to share them with your friends.