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12491756_963394927029959_6948894889676356_o                                                                          Hey Trance Family, if you made it out to the IAMPHOENIX Movement afterparty back in May then you got the chance to hear Sonar Zone tear up the dance floor for the first time at The Grasshopper Underground and set the vibe for a truly incredible night. It was so good in fact, that we asked him to hand it over so we could share. So for those who did and those who didn’t, turn it up and get ready to jam.‪#‎wearephoenix‬

Much love,

The Thomas’s


Followers of my monthly show on Afterhours FM will have noticed Episode 10 due to air on 1st June was postponed due to the Afterhours 10 Year celebration event.

This episode has now been rescheduled for today ( 14th June 2016) at 16:00 UK time. Hope you can all tune in to the show.

Episode 10

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