New ways to watch…

Hey everyone,

Here’s a ‘non-music’ related post, but I am sure it will be just as interesting.

I  have just finished reading an article about the new features available on Facebook for watching video content.


Features include :- Bringing Sound to Videos in News Feed, Vertical Video, Watch and Scroll  and Facebook Video App for TV

The video below gives a brief overview of some of the new features, coming to a mobile phone near you. 🙂

You can read the full article here 

It’s a record

I decided to post up a video I found on YouTube for all you #vinyl enthusiasts, and also for any of my younger readers who have never seen any vinyl records.

Long time ago I released two vinyl records on Evolution Gold Records – before the days of mp3 players.


Vinyl has never really ‘gone away’, but with the rise of cd’s they became less popular.

The vinyl enthusiasts however have been keeping the scene alive and there is now a growing number of people going back to vinyl.

Hope you enjoy the video below.

Above and Beyond

Just been going through some old videos and found the following videos from Above and Beyond‘s radio show #ABGT

If you click each of the videos you can hear A&B playing the Maxem remix of my track ‘Utopia’  It was featured three weeks in a row on Episode 044,045 and 046



Just to let you all know that Episode 18 of ‘In the Zone’ will air on Wednesday 1st February 13:00 UK time on the internet’s most listened to trance station – Afterhours.FM

Below is the tracklist for this episode. You can tune in on or on your mobile phone using the TuneIn radio app


As ever, the show will be repeated on Mixcloud and iTunes podcast later on in the week, but hey.. why wait, when you can hear it broadcast live on


Making progress..

Really happy to announce I will be hosting a new radio show on


The show will be called ‘Progress’ and will feature my favourite trance and progressive tracks on the last Sunday of every month at 18:00 UK time.

The first show will air on Sunday 29th January – 18:00 UK time, you can listen direct from their website

Check out the short promo.