As well as my weekly livestream on Thursday from 22:00 UK time I will also be doing a two-hour guest mix for Sunworld on the Daybreakerz Twitch channel on Friday.

The event starts at 19:00 UK time (20:00 CET) and I will be going live from 21:00 UK time ( 22:00 CET)

Hope you can join me as a bring two hours of uplifting trance LIVE from my home in Scotland to the Daybreakerz community.

You can get all the event info from Sunworld event page

The Nowhereworld ‘three day’ season finale is now over, and what a weekend it was.

I managed to catch most of the livestreams and every mix was outstanding and the production level of the videos from Nowehereworld was on another level.

What an amazing journey I have had with the team at Nowhereworld over the past year, it’s been an honour and pirvilege to be a part of this journey.

I have met so many great people from across the world and made many new friends through these events. I am pleased to let you know that there will definitely be a ‘season 2’ in the near future, but in the meantime have a look at the official ‘after-movie’ from Nowhereworld.

The whole three day event will also soon be available on the official Nowhereworld youtube channel, so mplease subscribe to ensure you get notified when the sets are uploaded.

Also, all the audio mixes will be available on the Nowehereworld Mixcloud site.

All good things must come to an end…and this weekend sees the season finale for Nowhereworld.

The team at Nowhereworld have promised to go out in style and if the trailer is anything to go by, we are in for a great event.

There are three full days with 22 DJs from across the trance planet ready to take you on an adventure into this virtual trance event.

Check out for full line up details and set times.

A couple of days ago I received an email from Twitch regarding DMCA copyright issues on VOD and clips. The main purpose was to let users know that if they play copyright music on livestreams it can get removed.

“We recently received a batch of DMCA takedown notifications with about 1,000 individual claims from music publishers. … The only way to protect yourself from DMCA notifications is to not stream music – or other copyrighted material – you do not have rights to.” TWITCH

At present, this will only effect past streams and will not cause any issues while broadcasting live, but if things don’t change then it will potentially mean the end of DJ livestreams on Twitch.

I have just read an interesting article from the people at Mixcloud and they have a platform where you can livestream and the artists receive royalties when their tracks are played.

I have been using Mixcloud for a while now for streaming the audio from past twitch episodes and I will soon be testing it out for doing livestreaming.

I have looked into it a bit and at present it doesn’t have the full features that are available on Twitch, but in the next few months that may all change.

Sonar Zone on Mixcloud

I have also been looking into another service at – They don’t have any limitations on the broadcast quality or bitrate, but the chat features on it are not as intuitive.

At present I will be sticking to twitch and hope they can sort out the issues.

Sonar Zone on

I have just updated the bio on my Facebook page, but for those of you who don’t use facebook I have added it below.

Sonar Zone

Performing on many virtual events during 2021/2021 with Kenny Palmer, Rinaly, Alessandra Roncone, Bixx, Darren Porter, David Nimmo, Kaeno, Kailey Grace, Ncturnal, S.H.O.K.K, Jody6, Asteroid, Anne Savage, Sean Tyas, Sholan, NuSpirit plus many more international DJs.

You can catch Sonar Zone playing the latest uplifting and #138 trance every Thursday on

As well as being a DJ/producer – Sonar Zone also runs a community interest company with Rob Evans ( NUSpirit) called Saving Light. Saving Light vision is to empower people using music, and the creative arts, they help develop and educate to increase their mental wellness and release their full potential.

Sonar Zone along with NuSpirit have been hosting virtual events throughout lockdown to raise funds and awareness for Saving Light and through this have also enabled people to get trained as mental health first aiders.

Sonar Zone has recently played at the following events

Rebels Productions

Intricacy Nights

Irish Trance family

Last night a DJ charity

Saving Light

Magnetic Club

Fortify Club

Together Through Trance

Phever FM



Afterhours FM

Trancefamily UAE

TrancePulse FM

The Project

Thanks to evryone who took part in the 4 Nations – Trance Invasion this weekend. It was great to see DJs from across the 4 nations coming together as one and united through trance.

Trance Invasion flyer

Special thanks to Steve from the Project Event for organising this event and also to Magnetic – representing Scotland, Uprise Events – represent Scotland and Saving Lights representing Wales.

You can watch a replay of my stream on the youtube link below.

Look out for more events like this in the future.