Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. Just a quick post with a recap of my weekend.

The weekend started on Thursday evening with my weekly ‘Twitch Sessions‘ followed by Summer Storm with Nowhereworld and then ending the weekend with another livestream as part of the Genre Jukebox Raid event.

You can watch the video from Summer Storm on Nowhereworld Youtube channel.

This weekend I will be playing another guest mix for TN Radio over on Mixcloud for their ‘End of Summer’ event alongside M.I.K and DJ Gilly, Missy Bebbo, Iain Mitchel and Marcella.

TN Radio Flyer

Looking forward to taking part in the another #virtual #event with the great people at Nowhereworld.

My avatar has been upgraded to 2.0 so really excited to see what the new version looks like.

This event is the launch of Season Two, but it a warm-up for the MASSIVE two-day event they have planned in September.

Watch this space. See you all tonight in the chat. Event starts at 7pm UK…I will be on from 8pm UK time. The whole event will be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/nowhereworld

Really excited to let you know that Nowhereworld are set to launch Season Two this weekend and it is an honour to be asked to play on this event.

The team at Nowhereworld have been working hard since their last event to make the stream even better than before.

The event is on August 20th and starts at 19:00 UK time on Nowhereworld twitch channel.

Look forward to seeing you there.

It’s Thursday….Looking forward to joining you all tonight for my weekly ‘Twitch Sessions‘ at 22:00 UK time, playing my favourite tracks for this week.

I usually only play 138 -140bpm trance, but as you will have noticed, the last few weeks I have started off with a few progressive tracks at around 124bpm. I have had a lot of positive feedback from you on this, so I will be doing that again this week.

If you are not able to join me LIVE, don’t worry as it will be uploaded to Youtube later in the week, and also available to stream or download the audio from iTunes podcast, Mixcloud and hearthis.at websites.

While you are waiting for me to go live this evening, please have a listen to this amazing track from 1st In Line

SPOILER ALERT – I’ll be playing it again tonight

Click to join me on Twitch

I have just been reading an article in MixMag about the launching of ‘vaccination parties’ in Berlin.

In the article it reports the following

Nightclub Arena on the River Spree has been a vaccination centre since December, with the spacious former bus depot providing the perfect locale for creating a club-like atmosphere while sticking to Berlin’s current COVID-19 restrictions.
Nick Höppner, Henning Beer, Sammy Dee, Marco Resmann and a number of others – have been invited to perform as attendees get vaccinated on August 9, 11, 13.
Lutz Leichsenring from the Berlin Clubcommission telling Berliner Zeitung last month that a “vaccination party” at the venue was in the works: “We’re planning this right now with relevant managers from the club scene and the health administration.”

Mixmag – https://mixmag.net/read/vaccination-parties-berlin-clubbing-restrictions-covid-19-comission-arena-news/

You can read the full article HERE and also a similar article in DJ MAG – What’s your thoughts on this? Would you attend a vaccination party, or do you think this is a crazy idea?

Would love to know your thoughts – Leave a comment below.

Hey everyone, hope you had a great weekend. Just wanted to give you a quick update post with news from last week.

First off all, you can now stream/download or watch my most recent episode of Twitch sessions on any of the following links below.

I also shared some exciting news during the week that as from midnight tonight (Sunday 8th Aug) clubs in Scotland will re-open and you don’t need to wear a face mask on the dance floor. You can read the full article HERE

I will also be putting up a post soon with all the guest mixes I have lined up, so make sure you follow my website for full details


iTunes Podcast



It has been confirmed by Jason Leitch that face masks will not be mandatory on the dance floors across Scotland after the latest relaxing of restrictions.

According to an article in Glasgow Times today (5th Aug 2021) Prof. Jason Leitch – Scotland’s Clinical Director

“You will not need to wear a face-covering on the dance floor, and you won’t need to wear a face covering if you are drinking at the bar,” he said.

“But I would still ask you to be cautious and careful particularly in groups indoors where you are drinking at the bar.”

Prof. Jason Leitch – Scotland’s Clinical Director

You can read the full article on Glasgow Times website.

What’s your thoughts on this? – Do you think this is a great idea or do you think we still need to be cautious? Are you planning to go our clubbing soon, and does this news make you happy, or a bit nervous? Would love to hear your thoughts… email me at tim@sonarzone.co.uk

photo of night club
No masks required on the dancefloors across Scotland

Hope you can join me tonight (Thursday 5th August) as I go LIVE on my Twitch channel from 22:00 UK time. I will be starting off with progressive trance from 124bpm and heading right up to 140bpm.

Included in the mix tonight, I have the brand new track from 1st In Line called Mind Control on Mindgame Recordings (available to download now on Beatport) also the new track from NuSpirit called By my Side (available to pre-order on Beatport from Monday) and also the latest release from Mercurial Virus called paramount on ZYX Trance records – available to dowload now on Beatport.

1st in Line – Mind Control
(Mindgame Recordings)
Nu Spirit – By my side (Kinected Recordings)
Pre-Order from Monday
Mercurial Virus – Paramount
(ZYX Trance)