Well, we have succesfully got through this crazy year. There has been so much confusion, disruption and chaos but…together we have stood strong and are ready to start this New Year with a spring in our step.

There has also been many great things happen in 2021 so as we head into 2022 let’s take a moment to be thankful for all the positive things we have experienced.

Finally, I have joined the team at Reason II Rise Music and looking forward to the label releasing many amazing trance tracks. 2022 is definitely shaping up to being an amazing, action-packed year. Watch this space for details

Thanks so much to everyone who sent me messages during my time off with covid. It was a rough few weeks, but getting messages from you all helped me get through it.

I am now almost ‘back to normal’ and planning to go live on Thursday evening for my weekly Twitch livestream at 22:00 UK time. hOpe you can join me in the chat.

In case you missed it – I also took part in the annual Saving Light/Nowhereworld Christmas party. The video will be uploaded soon to the Nowhereworld youtube channel, but you can stream/download the audio from HERE

I have just watched an interesting video on how SWG3 nightclub is Glasogw is looking to turn dance moves into renewable energy.

The article was published on BBC News Scotland website

“Glasgow nightclub SWG3 is set to trial technology that captures body heat from dancers to create renewable energy to heat up or to cool down the venue.

Long after the party is over, this energy can be stored until it is needed again.

The system, which has been called BODYHEAT, is due to be installed by 2022 and will save approximately 70 tonnes of CO2 per year.”

You can full the video for this article HERE