Mini-cast – Episode 1

Mini-cast – Episode 1

Hey everyone, here’s a link to my first mini-cast on Podomatic. This features my forthcoming remix ‘Utopia 2013’ coming soon to Fuzion Four Records and a selection of photos. 


What’s happening??

Hey everyone, that’s us now half way through the year, and what a great year it’s been so far. 

The latest news is I have a 35 minute guest mix being aired this weekend. Links will be up shortly. The mix will then be uploaded to my podcast page and will be also be available on iTunes. Watch this space for more news soon – with another big site airing another new guest mix. 

In the meantime, please feel free to visit my Podcast page for last months mix. 

I am currently working on a remix for a label based in USA and will br giving more details on that as soon as it’s all signed.  Also I am working on a brand new Sonar Zone track and hope to be able to share a preview clip with you soon. 

My facebook page is almost at the magical 1000 mark – these are 1000 genuine people who have actually ‘liked’ my page. I really appreciate every one of you and would like to say a massive thanks for all your support and feedback over the years. 

Not sure yet what to do when we get to 1000 followers, but I am open to your suggestions.

I am now on Instagram so please come and follow me there.

The DJ List

The DJ List

Hey everyone,

really excited to let you know that I am now ranked #388 trance DJ in the world. This ranking is based on your votes and also on a lot of other statistics, such as social media followers, podcast downloads etc. I could not have got there without your support and interactions. Thanks so much for getting me to that spot. 

But, I would love to get at least in to the top #100 and with your help and support I believe we can make that happen. Please get your friends to check out my profile on the DJ List website and vote/follow me there. 

Finally, if you haven’t already heard can download my set from Future Sound of Worship in Detroit last month on my new podcast page 

Look out for many more episodes coming shortly.

Sonar Zone Podcasts

Sonar Zone Podcasts

OK it’s taken me a while to delve into the world of podcasts, but thanks to good friend of mine David McAuley I have it all set up now. 

Not only can you stream the podcasts from this link, but you can also subscribe to them so you will always be the first to know when there is a NEW podcast online. Check out the link and follow me on PodOmatic, or if you prefer…you can even download and play it in iTunes. This first episode features my set from Future Sound of Worship in Detroit USA.  Hope you have as much enjoyment listening to it as i did in making it. 


Wow, what an amazing time I had in Detroit.  I arrived a day before the gig to give myself time to get used to the difference in time-zone and temperature although for the first day or so the weather was the same as Scotland ( cold, wet and windy)

The event was called Future Sound of Worship 5 and is an annual event hosted by GodsDJ’s. A truly international line-up featuring DJ’s from Finland, USA, Canada, and of course…Scotland.

Over 300 people packed the venue which had one of the best lighting shows I have seen in a long time, provided by Detroit Rave Scene and a pumping sound system.  The crowd were amazing and the dance floor was still jumping right until the very last track was played.  I plan to upload my mix to mixcloud in the next few days

The following days were time to party at Movement festival with  5 stages of artists/DJ’s over 3 days…there was something for everyone, from house, techno, drum and bass, and even some trance.

The only down-side of the whole experience is that my luggage decided not to return home with me, so my decks are travelling the globe on their own. Fingers-crossed they return before my next gig here in Dunfermline ( tomorrow evening )

Sonar Zone at FSOW5 in Detroit
Sonar Zone at FSOW5 in Detroit