New emotes

If you have subscribed to my Twitch Channel you will see I have just had three new emotes approved.

Hope you like them – Look forward to seeing them pop up in our stream on Thursday from 22:30 UK time.

International Times for livestream
New emote for my Twitch Subscribers.
Another new emote for my Twitch Subscribers.
And another new emote for my Twitch Subscribers.

Amazing new service

Just found out that the amazing people at offer FREE livestreaming for video and also the audio from your video is saved as a mix to your profile.
Follow my profile at

Youo can also join this amazing service with even more features in the premium edition by going to
From website
Live streaming on is the best way to broadcast podcasts, radio shows or live sessions.We record each live show and after it ends it will be available on your profile for later publishing or just for you.
We use the latest Icecast2 or RTMP video streaming technology which lets you use any broadcasting client you like:butt, OBS, Traktor DJ Studio, Nicecast, SAM Cast, Shoutcast VST for Winamp or Mixxx.

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