Resonate with Spotify

Resonate – Episode 001 is now available to stream on Spotify.  Make sure you follow/subscribe to automatically receive all future episodes.



The wait is over…. My podcasts ‘In the Zone’ and ‘Progress’ are now available to stream on Spotify.

Click the links below to ‘follow’ my podcast episodes and get, simply the best free music on the planet.

In the Zone – Podcast on Spotify


Progress – Podcast on Spotify




More and more people are choosing to use the streaming service ‘Spotify’ as a way to listen to music.

The great news is you can now stream Sonar Zone from Spotify.  Just click on the widget below to stream my music for FREE. Please follow my artist profile on Spotify and feel free to share the links with your friends.



My latest release ‘Renewal’ is now available to download on iTunes. This link is for the UK iTunes store, but it is available on ALL iTunes stores worldwide.

While you are on iTunes, you can also subscribe to my podcasts

You can also listen to all my releases on Spotify, simply search for ‘Sonar Zone‘ or you can follow my ‘Sonar Zone playlist’  Please click ‘follow’ on my artist page on spotify to keep updated on new releases.