Dance for Justice Compilation

Hi everyone, exciting news this month.  As you know I am involved in running an event called Dance for Justice The purpose of this event is to raise money and awareness for Hope for Justice a charity that exists to end human trafficking and slavery in the UK, in our generation.

This year as well as putting on our event ( 20th June at The Vine in Dunfermline ) we will also have a special ‘Dance for Justice’ compilation featuring some of the best Christian DJ’s and producers.  The artists have all agreed to donate their music to us so all profits will go direct to Hope for Justice.

Already signed up are G-Powered , DJ Jireh, Karl Forde, Goshen Sai, Galactus Jack , David Thulin , Matthew J Bentley and Sonar Zone

Our good friends at  Eat A CD have agreed to sell our compilation from their online store.

We have space for a few more tracks, so if you are a CEDM producer and would like to get involved please email for more details.

This project could not be possible with out the kindness of the DJ’s and producers, our friends at Eat A CD and the team at UCB Beats ( The UK’s newest weekly Christian Dance music show )


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