Exciting developments


sorry for the lack of emails in the last few months. Work has been very busy and baby James is getting more active…which means less time producing and mixing.

Today ( 5th Nov ) James is one year old. Can’t believe a year has passed already…time seems to go back so quickly. He is now walking and has 4 very sharp teeth 🙂

So, back to the music…the latest news is..

I had an brief interview published in an online magazine called Rock your Faith .

Karl Forde Fusion 22


I have had lots more guest mixes aired, including one on Karl FordeFusion 22 radio show. Karl is the owner of  Deepsink Digital Record




This Saturday I will be hanging out with Transform DJ’s from USA at a big youth event in Glasgow.

My next release called Renewal will be coming out shortly on Fuzion Four Records and has 2 excellent remixes.

You can hear a preview of them on my soundcloud page

I am in talks with a booking agency in the Netherlands and hope to be able to tell you all about that soon.

I am also planning to play at a gig in Atlanta USA in March – more info on that very soon.

To get you in the party mood, I have made a special mix featuring some of the latest tracks from Infrasonic Records and you can hear in now on Mixcloud.

If you enjoy this mix, please spread the love and share the mix for me.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Thanks again for all your support.

Tim – Sonar Zone

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