The aftermovie

The Nowhereworld ‘three day’ season finale is now over, and what a weekend it was.

I managed to catch most of the livestreams and every mix was outstanding and the production level of the videos from Nowehereworld was on another level.

What an amazing journey I have had with the team at Nowhereworld over the past year, it’s been an honour and pirvilege to be a part of this journey.

I have met so many great people from across the world and made many new friends through these events. I am pleased to let you know that there will definitely be a ‘season 2’ in the near future, but in the meantime have a look at the official ‘after-movie’ from Nowhereworld.

The whole three day event will also soon be available on the official Nowhereworld youtube channel, so mplease subscribe to ensure you get notified when the sets are uploaded.

Also, all the audio mixes will be available on the Nowehereworld Mixcloud site.

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