Vaccination Parties

I have just been reading an article in MixMag about the launching of ‘vaccination parties’ in Berlin.

In the article it reports the following

Nightclub Arena on the River Spree has been a vaccination centre since December, with the spacious former bus depot providing the perfect locale for creating a club-like atmosphere while sticking to Berlin’s current COVID-19 restrictions.
Nick Höppner, Henning Beer, Sammy Dee, Marco Resmann and a number of others – have been invited to perform as attendees get vaccinated on August 9, 11, 13.
Lutz Leichsenring from the Berlin Clubcommission telling Berliner Zeitung last month that a “vaccination party” at the venue was in the works: “We’re planning this right now with relevant managers from the club scene and the health administration.”

Mixmag –

You can read the full article HERE and also a similar article in DJ MAG – What’s your thoughts on this? Would you attend a vaccination party, or do you think this is a crazy idea?

Would love to know your thoughts – Leave a comment below.

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